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Why Not Electric, Balanced Car, But A Scooter?
Jun 15, 2016

Morning and evening peak travel has become a metropolis "plugging" landscape so far this year, in addition to the smart car was the hot technology also gives rise to trying to solve the transport for short-distance travel challenges, however most of the market means not only oversized, batteries also weigh more than 10 kg tank full. A fast round of startups are eyeing on a short trip, a niche that latest F0 electric scooter is trying to solve the above problem.

Fast electric scooter F0 Feng Liu, the founder is defined as a lighter and solid transport, compared to similar products on the market, Feng Liu believes the F0 is lightweight, portable, safety and so on. For example, vehicle weight is 7.8KG, and similar products in the market generally weighing 17 kg. In addition, F0 body folding design, a second collapsible, drag lines and go.

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