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Review your product line and ensure that it complies with UL2272
Jul 13, 2016

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an open letter to companies involved with importing, producing, or selling self-balancing scooters (aka hoverboards) in the U.S. Its message was clear: Review your product line and ensure that it complies with UL2272 Hoverboard.

UL 2272, the Outline of Investigation for Electrical Systems for Self-Balancing Scooters, covers the electrical drive train system, including the battery and charger system combinations for electric-powered self-balancing scooters.

CPSC stated that imports not compliant with UL2272 Hoverboard may be subject to detention and seizure and that the agency may seek recalls of any noncompliant products sold domestically. 

The CPSC letter states that hoverboards must be compliant with the UL standard. However it does not indicate that they are required to be UL-listed or certified as compliant, although it may be wise to indicate compliance on the items’ General Conformity Certificates or Children’s Product Certificates.

“This means that any lab accredited to perform electrical testing can test to UL 2272 and issue a test report confirming compliance,” said Joan Lawrence, Toy Industry Association (TIA) senior vice president, Standards and Regulatory Affairs. Hoverboard importers are advised, however, to check with their retail customers to ensure that this meets their requirements of suppliers.

Lawrence added that the matter is ongoing and that companies doing business in this product category should stay informed.“Information regarding the safety of these products, and related incidents.

Imuse Technology Limited officially past the product safety test conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL), a product safety certification company based in the United States, and obtained UL 2272 certification(E483758) on 24 June 2016. You could check UL website by:http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/index.html

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