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France Automakers Launch Electric Scooter Can Be Charged At Any Time In The Compartment
Jun 15, 2016

According to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News on June 6, France a depot to go with the tide, came out with is able to cope with its vehicles ' use of electric scooters.Body design is not only lightweight and free car charger, users can enjoy the fun of Mercedes-Benz on the road anywhere.

Reported that the streamline design of the all black electric scooter, to match thedesign of the vehicle itself. Its front wheels with brake pedal, rear-wheel drive powered by ultra thin lithium-ion battery and a top speed of 25 km per hour, and it takes only one hour to complete the charge. In addition, it is designed to facilitate storage, users can assemble in an instant, collapse can also be hidden in the trunk and set aside.

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