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Fast Science And Technology Electric Scooter F0 Led Five Kilometers
Jun 15, 2016

Beijing, May 26, on May 25, "young, intrepid travel" F0 on the theme of the Conference was held in Beijing. Fast technology a year meticulously, known as millet balanced car, leading the five-km electric scooter traveling F0 and the public meet and formally launched in 10 o'clock in the morning on East superior. F0 in East Beijing to raise price of 999 Yuan, the market priced at 1299.

Press Conference, La gang, AX, Chairman of interactive science and technology CEO, polar kebang ventures founding partner Wang Feng and serious partner Li Jianwei, LKK Rococo design group, Jia Wei, Chairman of venture bosses arrived at the scene to help out to witness this set of urban cool and youthful urban fashion means stunning debut.

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