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UL Announces Availability of UL Certification for Hoverboards
May 05, 2016

NORTHBROOK, Ill., Feb. 2, 2016 – UL, a leading global safety science organization, today announced that the company is now accepting product submittals of self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, for construction evaluation, testing, and/or UL certification. UL will now be able to test and certify these devices using UL 2272, which covers the electric drive train including the rechargeable battery and charger system combination for use in self-balancing scooters.

“UL has been evaluating, testing, and certifying battery cells, modules, and packs as well as related battery chargers and power supplies as individual components for many years,” said Jeff Smidt, vice president and general manager for UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division. “With UL 2272, our expert science, research, and engineering teams have now developed the appropriate requirements and methodology to confidently evaluate and test the entire self-balancing scooter for electrical and fire-hazard safety as a system. As recent news has shown us, there is a strong need for this type of service, and today we are pleased to offer our testing and certification services to manufacturers and distributors.”

Retailers and manufacturers interested in submitting hoverboards for product testing and/or UL certification are welcome to submit their request via the form at http://contact.ul.com/contact-ul-energy, or email RenewableEnergyQuote@ul.com.

Visit www.ul.com/hoverboards for consumer safety tips, information about UL’s work to combat counterfeit UL marks, and facts about UL’s involvement with hoverboards. Visit www.ul.com/batteries for more information about the battery & energy storage technology services UL offers for a wide range of motive & stationary applications.

Imuse Technology Limited officially past the product safety test conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL), a product safety certification company based in the United States, and obtained UL 2272 certification(E483758) on 24 June 2016, making it the fifth UL certified manufacturer around the world. You could check UL website by:http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/index.html

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