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Classification of balance
Jun 15, 2016

Current balance main wheel and two-wheel two-class. Unicycle playability better, has certain requirements for balance, mastering difficult, suitable for being cool, balanced car lovers will generally choose the unicycle balancing car challenges.

One minute Science: origins of the balance? Love and hate? The status quo?

More representative of the domestic wheelbarrows, high face value of ninebot one c series, music row, lighter Airwheel aier Wei, Ips, normal domestic prices in 2000 to tens of thousands of Yuan.

Car is relatively easy to use, suitable for people with poor balance, very good balance. Two-wheel is also divided into many kinds of hands, hands-free, without specific call, wave II can only be free to tell them.

Car hands often in airports, shopping malls, and some areas in need of patrolling, travel is not easy to use, larger is not easy to carry. But such balance car start more easily, high safety factor, more than the single wheel balancing a motor, improved a lot on the cost, the price most of about 10,000 yuan.

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