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Balanced vehicle for import and export commodities inspection priorities
Jun 15, 2016

Recently, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the AQSIQ on 2016 catalog import and export commodity inspection notice (2016, 38th), pointed out that it will in April 2016 to October 2016 Organization throughout the inspection and quarantine agency must be approved by the inspection of import and export commodities inspection and quarantine institutions other than import and export commodities inspection.

AQSIQ notice: balanced vehicle for import and export commodities inspection priorities

Supervision by the inspection and quarantine agencies around specific implementation, spot checks of imported goods are import port, imported merchandise distribution center and delivery units, sampling locations is producing and exporting port of export commodities and export goods distribution center.

According to quality General released of 2016 years directory outside import and export commodity supervision checks commodity varieties and elements, export aspects will on electric balance car, and wire rope, and tire this three big class products for checks, imports aspects will on air purification device, and electronic seat will device, and car with brake lining tablets, and moisture speed dry clothing, and anti-UV clothing, and antibacterial sex clothing, and waterproof sex clothing, and child shoes, and mug (glass bile except), and health wet towel, and security sets, and wallpaper this 12 big class products for checks.

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