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Adult scooters carrying capacity
Jun 15, 2016

1. taking into account the body weight, braking distance issues, adult scooter carrying capacity could not be compared with bikes or skates.

2. most adult scooter has more than 80 kg of load-carrying capacity, individuals recommended to select around 100 kg loading the scooter.

Wheel diameter, hardness and abrasion resistance

1. bigger wheel diameter car "chassis" and focus on the higher, sliding faster. For more than 5 kilometers of commuter, adult scooter recommended wheel diameter mm.

2. marking of the hardness of the wheel, the higher flexibility and better comfort, elastic good wheel wear may be less. Considering City Road status and comfort requirements, individuals choose the wheel hardness 85A scooter for adults.

3. State of loading, brakes and other reasons, the degree of wear on the front and rear wheels varies, recommended every 500 km or so if you wear to front and rear wheels swapped, if wear is to consider replacing all.

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